Ärni Blum

Since 2017, we've been operating under the name NirgiWabrik. It all started as my little knitting hobby, but upon friends' insistence, NirgiWabrik was born. The name was inspired by my maiden name "Nirk" and my passion for knitting, which felt like a factory in full swing. Today, NirgiWabrik has become close to my heart, more than just a hobby. We've grown and expanded, shifting the focus from hats to garments, with employees, resellers, and loyal customers. Eventually, we realized we've outgrown NirgiWabrik and it's time to move forward.

Introducing our new brand, "ÄRNI BLUM"!

Ärni Blum was my dear grandfather's name before it was Estonianized. He was an incredibly stylish and kind-hearted man, wearing a cap and a red bowtie, clad in a velvet indigo suit, an art-loving gentleman who valued creativity, craftsmanship, details, quality, beauty, and timeless elegance. I always felt a deep connection with my grandfather, and I've inherited much from him. Moreover, my love for handicrafts comes from my great-grandmother, who worked as a handicraft teacher at a home economics school. Additionally, I found my grandfather's original name so fascinating that I used "Ärni Blum" as a pseudonym during art classes as a child. Thus, the perfect name for my renewed brand revealed itself: ÄRNI BLUM?

Our knits are crafted with care and love by skilled women of Saaremaa, mostly made to order. This might make the wait a bit longer, but it surely adds uniqueness to each piece. Our creations are hand-knitted on needles and also produced on hobbyist-friendly hand knitting machines. We knit our designs directly to size, following a zero-waste principle.

Sustainability is a top priority for us, using only organic and certified materials. Quality, luxury, intricate details, timeless classics, and above all, comfort, are our guiding principles in designing our knits. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, conscious fashion, and a better tomorrow!

The turban is a favorite

"Pean veel kiitma, et lisaks mütsidele ja peapaeltele (ja neid on kasutuses juba õige mitu ja erinevat mudelit), on Nirgiwabriku turban tõeline lemmik ning pilgupüüdja ja hitt. Aitäh, et mu pead soojendate ja uute tellimusteni! "



"Müts käes ja rõõm hinges! Mul on üle kümne aasta jälle talvemüts! Kenas pakendis, armsate soovide ja õpetustega. Imeline!"


Nii nii suur aitäh Sulle!

"Sain paki kätte ja nohhhhhh lihtsalt imeline! Ja mis armas kingitus. Teed nii kvaliteetset ja imeilusat naiselikku paid. Just saatsin jõuluvanale ka oma soovi valgele Jasminile. Kõik on lihtsalt nii ilus ja imeline värvivalik :)"





Zero-Cost Production

All our products are handmade or hand-knitted to order, minimizing yarn usage and therefore helping us to follow zero waste production. In the rare cases where some leftovers occur, we creatively incorporate them into other products or special projects.


We source our yarns very carefully from certified and trusted producers. Quality and durability are paramount to us. Our yarns mainly originate from Italy and Japan.


We primarily use 100% natural and biodegradable yarns. Learn more about each yarn HERE.

Meie kudumid on loodud selleks, et sinu pehme nahk peaks vastu krõbedale skandinaavia ilmale!

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