Tabard vest


A tabard is a type of short coat that was commonly worn by men during the late Middle Ages and early modern period in Europe. We followed that concept and with a few adjustments created something extra cool for women! Our knitted merino wool Tabard is a chic addition to any outfit and is easy to style with both trousers and skirts. Tabard is undoubtedly the coolest item in your classical Skandinavian wardrobe.

NB! Since we have recently undergone rebranding, the logos in the pictures have also been updated. If you wish to receive a product with the old NirgiWabrik label, please add this information to the notes when placing your order.

Designed and handmade in Saaremaa, Estonia.

Material: 100% merino wool

Shipping: up to 10 business days


Knit care
Hand wash up to 20-30ºC (cold).
Do not rub or agitate the wool. Do not leave your knit soaking in water for prolonged period.
Do not wring the knit. Lay the knit on dry towel and roll it gently to sqeeze out excess water.
You can shape the knit gently while it's still damp.

Size chart

Tabard is knitted with a loose fit and the knit is stretchy, making it suitable for different body shapes.

The waiting time for the knitted merino wool vest is up to 10 business days.

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